Working Off the Clock is Illegal

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Sometimes bosses make their employees work off the clock. If your boss makes you work for time you are not compensated for you may have be a victim of wage theft. Speak with a labor lawyer today to know your rights.

Working off the clock may lead to:

Start Work Before Punching in Staying Later
Minimum wage violations
Seizing employees’ tips
Stealing bonus money from employees
Not compensating for sales commissions
Employment contracts and waivers
Late payment at separation
Never receiving a paycheck
Mistakes in paycheck

Workers are supposed to be compensated for pre-shift and post-shift duties when such job responsibilities they are an integral and indispensable part of the principal activities for which the employees are hired for.

Would you like more information about working off the clock? Do you believe you are being victimized and that money is rightfully owed to you? Our employment lawyers are here to help and fight for your rights to the money that you deserve.

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