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Reasons Why You May Be a Victim of Wage Theft.

You may work “off-the-clock.” You may put in extra time before or after scheduled shifts tending to their duties or attend meetings without being paid for that time.

You may work “on-the-clock,” but are not paid for all of their work time. Bosses unlawfully round down work time make your pay stub say 40 hours per week. The law requires every hour actually worked to be recorded and paid to you.

You may be misclassified as exempt from overtime pay requirements.

You may not be paid for breaks lasting 20 minutes or less.

You may work through lunch without getting paid.

You may be entitled to overtime pay as a misclassified independent contractor and denied overtime pay.

Bosses make sure to miscalculate your tips, house draw, Spread of Hours, night time shift differentials, commissions, bonus payments and other payments are not correctly included in overtime pay calculations.

You maybe a “volunteer” and “intern” and not paid as required by law.

You may not be compensated for required meetings.

You may not be compensated for required training time.

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