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An Improved Economy will help Employees in the United States.  Employers are positioned for growth in 2017, as hiring expands and new infrastructure deals create construction jobs.  Employment services like payroll, accounting, human resources and legal will be in great need in 2017 for employers.  Regulators and compliance professionals will have a busy year in 2017 with changing law and regulations.

Employees are in a good position for job growth in expanding sectors and wage growth steady with the increase in inflation as the economy grows. As automation and technology increase efficiency employees see challenges in ever evolving industries.

President Trump’s new labor secretary pick fast –food CEO Andrew Puzder,  is the chief executive of the company with thousands of employees and may implement new strategies in office.  The new U.S. Labor Secretary is a critic of increase in the minimum wage for fastfood workers and the fight for $15.00/hour minimum wage.

According recent interviews Puzder said that increased automation could be a welcome development because machines were “always polite, they always upsell, they never take a vacation, they never show up late, there’s never a slip-and-fall or an age, sex or race discrimination case.” (N.Y. Times).

New Laws for 2017  nyctlaw.com’s  Law Blog takes a look  at trends  for 2017: Employees and Employers may have questions in 2017.

Federal regulators in may relax regulations to allow for rapid job growth and business expansion.  Opponents the new President’s plans fear that a change in the law will disproportionately affect low wage employees are at the highest risk.