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FBI Director Fired After Several Critical Mistakes

At -will employment – political appointees do not have real job security. Top FBI employee fired for “poor performance” says the White House.  President Trump Condones FBI Director’s Termination.  On May 9, 2017 Attorney Jeff Sessions terminated embattled FBI Director James Comey.  The decision to terminate Comey, an Obama appointee, came after months of debate whether to terminate Comey for his handling of the Wikileaks and Hilary Clinton email scandal and there is an inspector general investigation amidst his 206 conduct.  President Trump sent Comey a letter while Comey was on a trip in California.   The Hilary Clinton email scandal investigation and his press conferences before the election could be perceived as poor performance and grounds for the administration’s termination.  FBI directors have been terminated before – including Bill Clinton’s termination in 1993, of William Sessions after the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility said the FBI director had engaged in unethical practices, and after Sessions refused to resign, and Richard Nixon’s termination of special prosecutor of Archibald Cox in 1973 on the so-called Saturday Night Massacre, where Nixon’s attorney general, Elliot Richardson, and deputy attorney general, William Ruckelshaus, both cowardly resigned when Nixon asked them to fire Cox.

Many top Democratic leaders including Hilary Clinton have called for Comey’s resignation, yet now decry the administration’s handling of the termination.

Senator Chuck Schumer said at an impromptu press conference to proffer a pretext and/or theory that Comey’s termination was uncalled for and suggested a cover up because of Comey’s lead of an investigation.

Former Trump Campaign communication director Jason Miller said to CNN “Comey should have been fired by the Obama administration in 2016” and that “no one says Comey needed to stay where he was.”