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New Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed to Supreme Court

Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the United States Supreme Court by the Senate and sworn in as Associate Justice by his predecessor and former boss Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy in a  ceremony at the White House with President Trump and his family.  Claims of sexual harassment and misconduct should be taken seriously and investigated.  Unsupported claims  and inconsistencies in testimony of purported accusers are to be treated with suspicion and all the facts need to be clear.


Despite the politicized and spurious allegations brought forth by Kavanaugh and the President’s opponents, Kavanaugh is sworn in as the newest member of the United States Supreme Court, filling the seat of retired Justice Kennedy. The Kavanaugh confirmation shows us that outlandish and unsupported claims of sexual misconduct are dismissed and not worth pursuing.


The 9 member panel of Justices seek to hear new cases before the SCOTUS in its fall term. Employment issues and Employment law may be decided.


Kavanaugh could rule in favor of employee rights and could uphold religious freedoms of individuals under the First Amendment.  Kavanaugh’s addition to the bench along with Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch give individual rights supporters a needed boost in the Nation’s highest court.


Employment law may be affected in terms of expanding individual rights under the law in employment. However the plain meaning of statutes like Title VII  and the limitation of overreaching district courts and circuit courts may be reigned back by the new dynamic on the supreme court. Chief Justice John Roberts swears Kavanaugh in below (officially).